Hand-picked resources, specifically for dads!


The Encouraging Dads Project
This great website is a wonderful resource full of tips, encourageing blog posts, and an active project director, John Finch. John recently wrote a successful ebook and launched a premier of his movie. Check it out!

Get ConnectDAD
This is a fun and interactive blog run by a great couple. They offer many perspectives, as well a a forum to share your voice and hear the voices of others. They are all about connecting dads to their kids, and building into the next generation.

The Purposeful Pappy
Down the earth perspective of a country homeschooling dad. Relaxing and engaging to read.

Art of Manliness
Podcast, book reviews, blog about all things manly. I especially appreciate the "Band of Brothers" podcast! The manly skills are a great unique touch as well.


UNCOMMEN is a cause. A movement designed to get men off the sidelines and into the game of life, where they can make an impact on family, friends and society as a whole.

Christian Fathers
Written specifically with Christian fathers in mind, this site offers blogs, articles, book links, quotes, etc.

Willow Creek Community Church
Excellent page put together by a large church. Contains links to fatherhood books, as well as a heart video section featuring pastors' illustrations, sermons, and special presentations for dads.

Focus on the Family - Fatherhood Challenge
Focus on the Family continues to set the bar high with this site just for fathers. Many good blogs and articles regarding being a Christian husband and father.


National Fatherhood Iniative:
National Center for Fathering
Dad's Adventure (tips for new dads)
Post-Partum Resources for Dads
Single Father Advice
How to Be a Great Dad
The Fathering Project
Preparing your Son for Every Young Man's Battle: Conversations about Sexual Integrity
By Stephen Arterburn
Shepherding A Child's Heart
By Ted Tripp
Raising a Modern Day Knight
By Robert Lewis

Wild at Heart
By John Eldridge


Dad Pretends to Forget Son's Birthday

What's it like being a dad?  - The Skit Guys
Memories of Dad - The Skit Guys