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Chris "Kip" Peters holds a B.A. in Family Psychology from Oklahoma Baptist University, and an M.S. in Human Development/Family Science (specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy) from Oklahoma State University. Currently an out of state transplant, he now lives in Southern California with his wife, Amanda, of 7 years, along with their two children, Abby (5) and Isaac (2). The Peters family enjoys the outdoor experiences California offers - patio dining, rocky coasts, sandy beaches, mountains, fruit orchards... Chris brings his Midwestern friendliness along with him in his daytime career as a Sales Manager for an industrial electronics distributor here in Southern California, and meets new and interesting people regularly.

Chris was moved to start this project after realizing how difficult parenting can be firsthand. He found limited resources for fathers, and quickly found out there is no "How to" manual for parenting! He hopes this site and its community approach will be helpful to all the other dads (and moms) our there who want to make a positive difference in their children's lives. Contact him directly at [email protected].
In terms of global perspective, Chris is an evangelical Christian, and active in his local church. Any advice he gives or articles he publishes will go through this worldview filter. Although this is his own viewpoint, he loves hearing the perspective of others, different though they may be. He hopes by openly sharing where he is coming from, other moms and dads will feel the freedom to do the same.

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Key Contributors

Angela Rowland is a home-schooling mom of four, ages seven and under. When not chasing little feet, keeping little hands out of trouble, feeding small mouths or teaching cursive, she spends her time crafting for her Etsy shop and writing for her blog, a local magazine, Facebook and whatever else comes to mind. Her husband, Philip, is a computer programmer by day, reluctant super-dad by night. Her excellent blog can be found here:
Andrew Gilmore, or “Happy” as he is known at Village Bible Church ( ) , oversees the Junior High, High School, College, and Missions ministries at Village. He graduated from The Master’s College in 2006 with a degree in Communication. His wife Amy graduated the same year with a degree in Biblical Counseling, and they were married shortly after. They have two girls, Alice and Emma. Andrew graduated with his M.Div from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. Andrew’s strong love for God’s Word leads to a passion for igniting in others a desire to read, study and apply God’s Word. They occasionally blog at  The Happy Couple +2. You can find Pastor Andrew on Twitter @happypastor21.